The Alium Story

Alium’s English translation is different, diverse, or distinct – and that is truly what we have established. AIP delivers a different and special experience for our clients in employee benefits consulting. We pair national consultative resources, experience, expertise, and background with a process focused, hands-on service model that delivers day to day support, project management, and a full suite of HR support functions resulting financial plan management and operational efficiencies in partnership with our clients.


AIP measures multiple scenarios against current plan data for identifying the highest impact, lowest disruption opportunities.


At AIP, we prioritize and organize selected solutions into the most cost-effective and realistic order of deployment.


Plans for implementation, unforeseen challenges, and member reaction are all considered when working with an AIP team member.


Allow our team to serve not only as a project manager but also as a liaison between your team and our carriers and partners.


We engage carrier data to measure engagement, utilization impact, cost avoidance, and return on both financial and time investments.


AIP’s ability to evolve allows for strategy development over time, improves on project opportunities, and builds upon success year after year.