Meet Alium Insurance Partners

Employee Benefits Brokerage and Consulting Services

Our Team

As a boutique benefits firm, we are laser focused on meeting our clients needs at Alium Insurance Partners.

By specializing in products, services and customer service that meet each individual client’s specific interests, not only are we creating a culture at Alium Insurance Partners where benefits can live up to their name, but the employees of our clients can find true value in their employment.

The Alium Story

Alium’s English translation is different, diverse, or distinct – and that is truly what we have established. AIP delivers a different and special experience for our clients in employee benefits consulting. We pair national consultative resources, experience, expertise, and background with a process focused, hands-on service model that delivers day to day support, project management, and a full suite of HR support functions resulting financial plan management and operational efficiencies in partnership with our clients.