About Us

Blaine McLaughlin

Co-Founder | Sales Lead

He paces when he thinks.

Kelley Anderson

Co-Founder | Lead Consultant

She overthinks everything.

Blair Milburn

Client Success


She’s dealt with Blaine & Kelley since 2007.

Cheyenne Wood

Client Success


Newest face to insurance – thinks best barefooted.

Marci Johnson

Client Engagement


NAHU loves Marci as much as our clients do.

Rachel Scott

Client Deliverables


Rachel is a PC gamer and has as much coordination as a toddler.

Alice Morris

Client Strategy


Whether it’s leading you through High Fitness at the YMCA or your Compliance Checklist – you are in good hands with Alice!

Amy Adams-Littell

Client Strategy

Her Consulting game is stronger than her golf game, but she loves doing both!

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Our Mission

As a boutique benefits firm, we are laser focused on meeting our clients needs. By specializing in products, services and
customer service that meet each individual client’s specific interests, not only are we creating a culture where benefits
can live up to their name, but the employees of our clients can find true value in their employment.