Testimonial 5

During our transition to self-funding, we recognized a need for enhanced consultation and knowledge from our broker partner. We chose AIP and couldn’t be happier with their team, service and focus on financial impact.

Testimonial 1

Switching to Alium has been the best decision we could have made. We decided to switch to Alium because of what they do, but we’ve stayed with them because of how they do it. They’re are not just our benefit partners, they are our friends.

Testimonial 2

Kelley and Blaine were introduced to us through a mutual friend and co-worker, and what a blessing they have been for our organization. Alium provides us prompt customer service and the strategy of their vision is among the best I have seen in our many years in business. Would highly recommend this group!

Testimonial 4

Alium offers exceptional service that extends beyond enrollment. They’re an extension of our business and a great resource for not only our HR department, but our employees as well.

Testimonial 3

Alium Insurance Partners is a total game changer for our organization. Not only did they provide a comprehensive consultation, but they reduced our overall plan spend, offered additional benefits, and provided next-level customer service!